NCAA FINAL FOUR: Lets break this thing down now……

Morning folk, its a great day here in Houston. I want to offer my insight on each team. UCONN, KENTUCKY, BUTLER, and VCU have had great seasons and all four deserve to be here. This years tournament has been the best one yet..with the surprise stories of BUTLER and VCU..Let’s see how those four teams stack against one another…


Coached by the veteran, Jim Calhoun, the Huskies have been on fire of late winning the BIG EAST TOURNEY and blowing through the NCAA tourney as well. KEMBA WALKER may have played himself into an NBA lottery pick. JEREMY LAMB and others offer WALKER more than just help but scoring defense and the ability to dictate opponents offense with a tenacious defensive presence. UCONNS bigs offer shotblocking ability as well as inside scoring to open up the perimeter game. CALHOUN has done a grand ole job in letting WALKER lead by example. UNCONN has enough to win this thing out right.


These WILDCATS may have grown whiskers now since they were all fereshmen when they came in back in August. JOHN CALIPARI has done a remarkable job in getting these talented CATS to by into his system and play team oriented ball. Lead by BRANDON KNIGHT and TERRANCE JONES, Kentucky has ran off a list of wins which include a SEC TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP as well as wins over #1 OHIO STATE. Everone thought that losing 6 players from a reginal finalist team last year to go along with #1 pick in the NBA draft JOHN WALL, would hurt. CALIPARI just realoaded with the best group again and those guys have done the impossible. Their toughest challenge will be playing UCONN in front of millions on national TV. Will the young CATS be able to hold on with their in experience?. Wait and see…….


Lead by MR.MACK himself, the BULLDOGS find themselves right back at the scene of the crime. BUTLER is the lone return participate from last year’s Final Four. BRAD STEPHENS, a hot commodity of late has proven to be a damn good coach and after leading BUTLER to the Final Four for the second year, he could become the next LARRY BROWN of college basketball. MR. HOWARD offers an inside presence as well as leadership on the floor to lead the BULLDOGS as well. BUTLER has beaten FLORIDA and PITT to name a few of the big dogs they have slayed. MR. MACK, I call him has made up for his dumb mistake that nearly coast the BULLDOGS in a third round game against PITT. Can STEPHENS and crew do it again….Time will tell…..


These guys are the 2011 version of the CARDIAC KIDS. Lead by an up and coming bright young coach named SKAKA SMART, the RAMS have become the media darlings of this year’s tournament. The RAMS, who have played in this year’s first four at Dayton, have gone bananas against the likes of GEORGETOWN, PURDUE, and KANSAS to reach the big stage here in Houston. Lead by a bevy of players such as RODRIGUEZ, SKEEN, and THEUS, those guys play like they dont have anything to lose. They get up and down the floor very well and with constant penatration by their PG, who disses out to the perimeter which means a hig percentage of three poit shots are taken. Defensively, the Rams mix it up well with zones and traps all over the floor which generate quick buckets. KANSAS felt the wrath early and often. SMART has done wonders with those guys. CAN IT CONTINUE THIS WEEKEND? We will see.

What do yall think about these teams…will the veterans win again or will SKAKA shock the world?…Talk to me …Real talk….


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2 Responses to NCAA FINAL FOUR: Lets break this thing down now……

  1. Armondo says:

    I picking the Butler Bulldogs as National Champs. They made it to the finals last year and no reason to pick against them this year.

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