NCAA FINAL FOUR: Let’s talk MONEY!!!!!!SHAKA and BRAD and COUNZO…………

Morning Folk, A buddy of mine sent me some disturbing figures of coaches salaries who are involved in mid major programs. Couzo Martin and Shaka Smart were two coaches who had small to decent salaries at Missouri State and VCU. Brad Stephens on the other hand had just signed a long term deal with Butler last year but now with a return to the FINAL FOUR, what’s in store for him could be special. Over the recent days coaches have been moving from place to place. MARTIN has just been named the new coach at Tennesse replacing BRUCE PEARL with a salary of 1.3 million annually…That’s a nice raise from his salary with the Bears. Martin who was diagnosed with a blood disorder a few years back has taken Missouri State back to the top. He has proven to be one of America’s young rising coaches. A former Boilermaker player and asistant coach under GENE KEADY and MATT PAINTER, Martin has paid his dues on and off the court. SHAKA SMART on the other hand has a salary of about $325,000 annually but with his recent success of getting the Rams to the FINAL FOUR, Smart could demand top dollar. However, after reading information from the athletic director of VCU , he stated that SMART will remain at the Virginia school possibly with a nice raise but with programs like MIZZOU and  OU looking for head coaches, SMART could be on their wish list. Stephens on the other hand, has already signed an extension last season, however with a return trip back to the big dance this year, Stephens could be seeking in the range of 1.5 to 2 million annually at a large school but who knows….Veteran coaches like CALIPARI and CALHOUN have already tendered top dollar at their schools so those wildly old guys could just sit back and relax while their programs continue to thrive. In concluding, with the country in an economic stand still, college coaches are making a grip and a half doing something they love to do….COACH STUDENT ATHLETES….What do yall think……IS IT THE MONEY OR IS IT ABOUT MORALS AND VALUES …….SHAKA ? BRAD?…COUNZO?…..TALK TO ME ……


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3 Responses to NCAA FINAL FOUR: Let’s talk MONEY!!!!!!SHAKA and BRAD and COUNZO…………

  1. darrell grayson says:

    it could be money, morals and value. a coach can have all three and still be successful. go shakka go!!!!

  2. Kendrick says:

    Call me crazy, but I don’t think Smart deserves top dollar. His team just so happened to go on a five-game winning streak. ( I know it was the NCAA tournament)

    However, that bunch lost four of their last five games and finished fourth in the CAA. The Rams didn’t earn their way into the tournament, the selection committee put them in the tournament.

    And if we are going to give million dollar raises for five-game winning streaks, then a ton of coaches will need to get paid in the future.

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