NCAA COLLEGE HOOPS: Shaka proved that he is a SMART coach……..Just ask the KANSAS JAYHAWKS…..

Morning folk….Well lets get to it….We have two proven programs arriving here in Houston on Thursday ..We have one surprise program and finally we have SHAKA…..Kentucky and UCONN are lead by wildly old veterans CALIPARI AND CALHOUN…..BUTLER is lead by an up and coming coach who should be the next LARRY BROWN in BRAD STEPHENS and finally we have SHAKA SMART who came out of nowhere to lead VCU into uncharted territory….SMART seems to have figured out a recipe that worked throughout the COLONIAL CONFERENCE tournament as well as the NCAA tournament. Teams seemed to over look the Rams and when they do that, VCU has built double digit leads especially in Chicago against the BIG 10 power PURDUE…They simply embarressed the Biolermakers and it seemed to have MATT PAINTER looking for another job. Smart reminds me of the late rapper and actor TUPAC SHAKUR…Both are creative and good at what the did and also both had to prove to AMerica that ALL EYES ON ME…..Smart has done a great job coaching the Rams against bigger programs and the best thinbg about it is that they did not fold under pressure. Smart, a former assistant coach, to over the VCU program a few years ago when ANTHONY GRANT left for Alabama. Well, SMART then took those players Grant had left and instilled a program that produces quick basketballs as well as quick turnovers. It showed Sunday against the top seeded JAYHAWKS. Smart should be considered for a prime coaching gig but at 33 will he go for the money or stay and built on what he has started at the tiny Virginia school. That will be a tough decision but he proved to America that schools like VCU could play with the big dogs….Hats off for Shaka Smart and those VCU Rams….See yall in Houston…..What do yall think? Real Talk…..


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2 Responses to NCAA COLLEGE HOOPS: Shaka proved that he is a SMART coach……..Just ask the KANSAS JAYHAWKS…..

  1. darrell grayson says:

    easy decision. go shaka go. no need to stay and build a small program when the opportunity is there

    • Sean Benton says:

      Shaka has been a hit during this years tournament…Once, the seniors graduate, lets see if he can do it again in the COLONIAL CONFERENCE….NEXT SEASON….BUT HE HAS MY VOTE..

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