NCAA TOURNEY: Jimmer gone, Kyrie gone, San Diego State gone…….BUTLER HAS PLANS…..

Morning folk, the SWEET SIXTEEN started with a bang yesterday with FLORIDA taking BYU to 2 OTS before sending JIMMER and company packing back to Provo, with an “L”. Jimmer ended his career with 32 points and he should be able to carry his game to the nextlevel. Jimmer did bring excitment back to college basketball this past season. Arizona did what nobody in America thought could be done…DOMINATE DUKE…and boy did it dominate…WILLIAMS AND MOMO put a beatdown on the Blue devils like no other…Down at the half, Williams lead the charge and it was all she wrote…Arizona blew the pats off the Devils in the second half….Williams and Momo scored at will and left KYRIE thinking that he might want to come back for another try and to improve his game. Sean Miller has done an outstanding job of getting Arizona back ob track. The Wildcats have another stern test against KEMBA and crew on Saturday. BUTLER on the other hand has other plans. BRAD STEPHENS simply thinks that BUTLER will not lose and they did not lose to WISCONSIN on yesterday. SHELVIN MACK and company simply out played the Badgers and moved on to take on a talented GATORS group from Florida. Now we have gotten PART I of the pretenders out of the way. PART 2 starts tonight…..Who will it be….VCU…RICHMOND…FLORIDA STATE…which one will move on……Talk to me ….Real Talk….


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3 Responses to NCAA TOURNEY: Jimmer gone, Kyrie gone, San Diego State gone…….BUTLER HAS PLANS…..

  1. darrell grayson says:

    UNC, Kansas, Ohio State and Florida State will prevail today. And the show begins….

    • Sean Benton says:

      Yep….The cinderella’s chariot is turning into pumpkins……Will Butler do it again……tough draw with Florida…….Ohio State, UNC and Kansas looks like locks…….to me……..this has by far been the best tournament in many years……

  2. wWFYZmPT5 says:

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