NBA ” Players “: No more one and done……..

Morning folk, I just finished reading an excerpt from CBS sportsline and I was stunned to see that NBA PLAYERS ASSOCIATION head man BILLY HUNTER state that the group had voiced their opinion about ending the ONE ad DONE players in which college kids go to school for one year and vault to the NBA. Well, I am totally for that. That there could do wonders for the college game and also help those young talents develop more into pro players as well as mature more into young men. One and done players have struggled from time to time. Players such as DANIEL ORTON formally of KENTUCKY would have benfitted by staying another year or more to strenthen his game. Many of these one and done guys are influenced heavily by their high school AAU coaches who really think that hose kids are ready to deal with the rigors of playing NBA basketball and by influencing them to go after the MONEY. In my opinion, the money will be there…they need to get better at their skills becuase NBA coaches will not teach them how to dribble and shoot. The NBA would also gain alot by making sure that their talent level is up to par and not slacking by setting standards that will be across the board for all guys. The D LEAGUE is for developing young talent as well but not for developing 18 and 19 year old players who should have stayed in school. Many younsters go over seas to get fame and riches only to be swindelled out out their earning by the lack of financial knowledge. BILLY HUNTER could save a many of young players career if the ONE and DONE idea is taken into account. Player development is important for many guys who seek to play at the next level. Look at what EURO players are doing….many skill drills and skill sets are being mastered at a young age. Players over here try to profec the cross over dribble or to dunk on some one. NBA basketball is about the best players in the world playing against one another providing entertainment to sports junkies like myself. Inconcluding, what do yall think?…NO MORE ONE AND DONE OR WHAT? ..TALK TO ME…REAL TALK..


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4 Responses to NBA ” Players “: No more one and done……..

  1. Gabe says:

    Most athletes coming straight out of high school don’t last 5 years in the pro’s. Lowering the restrictions would continue to hurt the NBA in the long run because promissing pro’s prospects have not had the time to develop mentally or physically. Kevin Garrnet, Shawn Kemp, Kobe or Bron….are all exceptions to the rule…for every one of those guys there’s and Eddy Curry in the room…or a Kwame Brown….Need I say more.

    • Sean Benton says:

      I agree with your take,, the NBA would do theys guys justice by forcing them to stay in school a bit longer to develop and mature….ONE and DONE’s have hurt themselves by coming out to early…The NBA is a business ..not just a sport…..Stars sales ..underdeveloped players loses money…….Think about it bro….

  2. Kendrick says:

    Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant Tyreke Evans and Kevin Love were recent one-and-done players.

    Rose: Rookie of the Year, All-Star starter, and likely NBA MVP just three years in the league.

    Durant: Rookie of the Year, multiple All-Star appearances, and has led the league in scoring the last two seasons.

    Evans: Rookie of the Year

    Love: Leads the league in rebounding, and had a NBA record 52 straight double-doubles since the NBA/ABA merger.

    I don’t like the idea of the NBA forcing anyone to do anything. The NCAA is making a boat load of money off these kids already and people want them to stay in school longer? For what? So rating for the NCAA regular season can improve?

    At 16 and 17 cats are playing in pro leagues overseas. No one says a word about that. Latin American kids who can barely speak English are signed to pro baseball contracts. Nobody says a word.

    To solve this “problem” either the NCAA pays these kids or allows them to play in the Summer League and get paid. It can be treated like an internship. That way kids learn the NBA game, while helping improve their overall games.

    Sure, there are going to be busts from the early entrant pool. There is always going to busts no matter if a kid stays in school one year or four years. Just because a kid stays in school a year or two longer doesn’t increase the likelihood of success, considering all rookies are going to have deal with the learning curve that is the NBA game.

    And playing in the D-League won’t help these players, considering most of the guys who leave early are better than half the players on D-League rosters right now.

    James Johnson now of the Raptors played in the D-League during his time in Chicago. He dominated down there. He comes back to the Bulls and just is all out of sorts. So, Chicago trades him to Toronto.

    The former UConn center who plays for Memphis was sent to the D-League last season. He went down there and dominated. He comes back to the Grizzles and barely plays now.

    Only a few cats have ever started their career in the D-League and actually make significant contributions to an NBA team.

    • Sean Benton says:

      That’s the whole point…paying kids …..and the NBA wants to monitor young guys who come out too early and start making the kids accountable by making them stay a bit longer for development purposes and for maturity……You do have a valid aurgument……

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