NCAA COLLEGE HOOPS: Those youngs guys need more seasoning……

Morning Folk, With all the hirings and firings going on in college basketball , it would be fitting for me to speak on this in a nuetral perspective but I will keep it REAL. Many critics believe that there are a few young coaches who have proven themselves and are ready for the big time. SHAKA SMART is a 33 year old coach who has lead VCU to the sweet 16 and folk have been raving about him throughout this tournament. Smart, a former assistant has done a great job at the COLONIAL CONFERENCE school , however, I really think that he needs more years of experience in dealing with a large program in order to be successful. Dont get me wrong, I have seen certain young coaches succeed and some fail. In society today, expectations are high and are driven by compensation which leads to having a final four team annually. SMART could do himself a favor by passing up the cash to build himself a foundation that would make him a millionarire in the future. BUTLER’S BRAD STEPHENS is the media darling of the tournament. The Bulldogs finished as the national runner up to DUKE last year and this year,they have squeezed by two teams to reach the sweet sixteen. STEPHENS on the other had had signed a contract extention last year with the Indiana school. I really think that Stephens can develop into a quality coach and make millions himself but at 33 also, he needs to build a solid coaching foundation that would get him what ever he wants. BUTLER is a small school. Stephens has won the hearts of many folk there. Keep on building and winning and as maturity and age increases, so will his knowledge and experience that could go along way. PASSING UP ON THE DOLLARS MAY SEEM BIG BUT IT COULD DOUBLE IF THOSE TWO YOUNG GUYS DECIDE TO INVEST IN THEIR SELVES INSTEAD OF IN THEIR POCKETS……What do yall think? Talk to me…Real talk….

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2 Responses to NCAA COLLEGE HOOPS: Those youngs guys need more seasoning……

  1. darrell grayson says:

    Coach Smart, do what your last name say, be smart and go to a big program with better talent, facilities, conference, etc and take the MONEY!!!!!! When you are hot, go.

    • Sean Benton says:

      I agree, however Smart needs to understand that the guy at Alabama left him with alot of talent and if he goes to bigger programs, he might get exposed if he cant get the talent level expected at those schools…..BIGGER DOES NOT MEAN BETTER ALL THE TIME….AT 33 , he has some time left…BUILD AND GET EXPERIENCE, THEN LEAVE…..

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