NBA: The raging Bulls are charging up for the playoffs giving teams a ROSE thorn in their side……

Morning folk, I had a little time between helping my 7 year old with his homework…yea..I am a watch the BULLS dismantle the HAWKS last night. The Bulls played a flawless game scoring at will and playing defense like no ther. Lead by DERRICK ROSE, the Bulls continue to ascind to the top in the East while the Hawks are battling for a playoff spot. LOU DENG, BOOZER, JAKIM NOAh, and even TAJ GIBSON did what they wanted to do from shooting threes to dunking like crazy to blocking shots. Joe Johnson, and the Hawks just couldn’t muster up anything against these hungry Bulls. Chicago seems to have found the right chemistry needed to win the East, however, they will be challenged by other teams. Thibideaux, has brought defense to Chicago, something they haven’t seen since MICHEAL JORDAN was in town. Defense has won games and defense has gave them a desire to perform like no other. Rose continues to lead the Bulls up the charts with his fantastic play on both ends of the court. Jordan proclaimed him as the MVP however , a ring would solidify that statement. What do yall think? Do the BULLS have enough in the tank to win the East?…Talk to me……


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2 Responses to NBA: The raging Bulls are charging up for the playoffs giving teams a ROSE thorn in their side……

  1. darrell grayson says:

    The way the Bulls are playing, I think they can take the East. Boston losing Perkins hurt and Miami is up and down. Bull have been consistent, even through injuries. Go Bulls!!!

    • Sean Benton says:

      Hey, at first I was a non beleiver..but now I BELIEVE….The Bulls are for real…with BOOZER and NOAH inside and DENG with ROSE…..they can do it…They owned MIAMI and should be solid……Cant wait till the Playoffs…

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