NBA Draft: Who will be the first PG taken in the 2011 draft?….Ervin, Kemba, or Jimmer……..

Morning folks, I had a conversation will a buddy of mine concerning the 2011 upcoming NBA draft. We debated over who would be the first PG taken in this year’s draft. I am rolling my dice with UCONN’S Kemba Walker , who has willed his team to the BIG EAST tournament title and to the sweet 16. Walker is second in NCAA scoring behind BYU’S Jimmer, however Walker seems to be the perfect pro type guard who can penetrate, pass, and shoot the rock. Walker also is quick and can play defense like no other. My buddy argued that DUKE’S KYRIE ERVIN will go ahead of Walker. I begged the differ. Yes , Ervin is a hell of a player as a freshmen , but the kid is coming off a surgery that has required him to miss the entire ACC season as well as some ACC tournament play. He is a young talent but I think that he would be more of a lottery pick next year with better numbers and more playing time. Just looking at the money can be a dangerous decision. Jimmer on the other hand is having a great season as well as a great tournament. He is a candidate for player of the year and has lead the Cougars into the sweet 16. Jimmer reminds me of ex-Duke star, J.J. Redick. He can shoot the lights out but his qiuckness must improve if he plans on a career in the NBA. Jimmer can also benefit being selected by the RIGHT NBA team that he can FIT with. That’s important. What do yall think…Real Tlk….Who is going first?…..Who would you take?…..


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4 Responses to NBA Draft: Who will be the first PG taken in the 2011 draft?….Ervin, Kemba, or Jimmer……..

  1. darrell grayson says:

    I don’t know what planet you guys been on. I love Kemba Walker, but there is no way that he will be drafted before Kyrie Irving. That has never been a discussion. Kyrie will be a top 5 pick easily. Could be number 1, depending on the team pg need. I would bet that Jimmer will get drafted before Kemba. You cannot compare Jimmer to JJ Redick. Jimmer plays pg and handles the rock more than anybody on the team and JJ played the 2 position and came off screens, hardly evered dribbled. Jimmer can create space to get his shot off and get the the hole but JJ couldn’t do that. He still can’t create his own shot now. Bottom line, Kyrie, Jimmer and then Kemba.

    • Sean Benton says:

      Hey, I totally disagree with you….Kemba has proved for the last two years what he is made of….Kyrie Irving just had surgery and he must be phyically fit for teams to pay millions…the kid is good but I still like Kemba…..Jimmer handles the rock cuz he is the best player on the team…J.J. Redick played the PG at duke a few years with Daniel Ewing as his side kick….. But hey, you have your opinion……Facts will come out in June……..Wait and See….

  2. Kendrick says:

    Kemba Walker, although a great college scorer, is just too small to take in the lottery. He’s 5-11. That is not good when at the NBA level he will have to deal with bigger point guards like Rose, Williams, Paul, Westbrook, Parker and others.

    Walker reminds me of Ben Gordon but just a little smaller.

    I think Jimmer is just a flat out gunner. He can surprisingly get to the cup and has range on his jumper, but he can’t play any defense.

    The true NBA talent among this group is Irving. He has all the tools you look for in an NBA point guard.

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