NCAA Tourney: Move big schools..get out the way…get out the way….here come the sweet 16’s Cinderellas

Morning Folks…I am back …..Been checking out the NCAA tourney and like most people, my bracket is the pits. Who would have thought that BUTLER, VCU, BYU, SAN DIEGO STATE and Richmond would have defeated top seeds of the tournament the way they did. Those teams have made it a point to prove to America that they belong on top with the other elite programs. Butler lead by their 33 year old coach toppled PITT, the BIG EAST CHAMPION, VCU put a beatdown on BIG 10 PURDUE by 20 in Chicago, BYU , lead by Jimmer spanked BIG 12’S KANSAS STATE BY 7 , SAN DIEGO STATE lead by the FAB FIVE’S STEVE FISHER bested Atlantic’s 10 champ, TEMPLE in two over times and RICHMOND didn’t waste time with MOREHEAD STATE…..This here proves that parity exists in college basketball today. Many of those tiny programs operate on thin budgets while schools like PITT operate on a million dollar budget. This year’s tourney is the best yet. If you include Florida State’s victory over Notre Dame, you would think that Las Vegas would explode by now….the odds makers have loss tons of dollars with their picks so far. Now comes the SWEET 16….Which team will make it to the Elite 8? W hich team will make it to the FINAL FOUR in Houston?…Only god KNOWS?…If you are a bammi swammi, you might guess VCU?..Who nows……Talk to me….Real Talk….

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3 Responses to NCAA Tourney: Move big schools..get out the way…get out the way….here come the sweet 16’s Cinderellas

  1. I have a question: How come VCU played a first round game vs USC yet ended up with a #11 seed? Shouldn’t they have been a 16th seed?

    • skbeeasy says:

      Hey bro,

      You know how the NCAA works….The low RPI schools are in the first four….SWAC, SOUTHLAND, ETC….However, the NCAA did balance things out by bringing in 11 and 12 seeds to the first four also…..VCU took advantage of that…..VCU is in the same conference as GEORGE MASON..THE COLONIAL CONFERENCE…NOT A BAD CONFERENCE……VCU is balling now after killing PURDUE….BIG TEST AGAINST FLORIDA STATE COMING UP THOUGH……THANKS FOR RESPONDING AND KEEP COMMENTING AS YOU PLEASE…..THANKS AGAIN….

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