NCAA : Folks are dropping dimes everywhere…..What is the deal?…

Morning folks….After watching and learning of Perry Jones eligibility issue at Baylor, more stuff has leaked out. Arkansas John Pelphrey violated rules by taking photos with under classmen he was recruiting last December when it was a dead period. What is going on. Folk breaking rules all over the place. NCAA is focused on not paying players , but every coach I have mentioned in my earlier blogs have broken rules not to name those who have not surfaced yet. Mark Emmert has his hands full right now. Orgen is paying a recruiting service tons of money to get players…..come on folk…..DO WE HAVE AN ISSUE HERE WITH THE NCAA. Money is the root of all evil but winning generates more cash than losing. Coaches and kids love winning but money is better. Latley, dimes have been dropping like flies….Is the NCAA setting a good example of administative duties or are they convering up flaws that have not been discussed yet. I see big time coaches have been slapped on the wrist while kids like Perry Jones get the axe…….Folk talk to me…..Why are folk dropping dimes on folk causing all this mess within the NCAA?…..real Talk….Please…..


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2 Responses to NCAA : Folks are dropping dimes everywhere…..What is the deal?…

  1. darrell grayson says:

    double standard. players get penalized harshly and coaches a pitiful fine that some booster will probably pay off anyway.

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