NBA: The Miami Heat is out of control……Spolestra has lost his team……Really……..

Morning folk, Just finished reading the headlines and with Miami suffuring another loss, criticism in the club house is starting to mount. Bosh now is whinning like a brat. The Heat has loss 5 games in a row . Spolestra later came out to the media stating that his players were crying after losing to the Bulls on Sunday. Was that really necessary to bring out to the public. What happen to respect in the club house. Those are grown men and Spolestra is coaching like he is a high school coach. James has remained non committal on things while Wade has tried to keep the ship afloat. Bosh now has vented his frustration. Who’s next in line. Well, I sure hope PAT RILEY does something cause this thing could get ugly real fast. Spolestra expereience in dealing with super stars is starting to show. He does not have to knowledge to get those guys to play within a team frame work. He needs to have a sit down with PHIL JACKSON. Calling MIKE BROWN on how to deal with Lebron James will not do. I hold Spolestra accountable for the Heat’s failure. Like LAWRENCE FRANK…SPOLESTRA IS A BIT TOO deal with these mega stars. Experience comes from being a learner and teacher of the game on and off the court. These former ball managers and video coordinator are not equiped to deal with star studded teams like this. RUDY T…was great for his HOUSTON ROCKETSĀ  in 94-95. He could relate….Spolestra can not…..PAT RILEY…You better do something before its too late….What do yall think?….Real Talk……


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2 Responses to NBA: The Miami Heat is out of control……Spolestra has lost his team……Really……..

  1. darrell grayson says:

    he is too young and inexperienced. they will not win a championship with him leading the way. pat better come down for a season

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