NFL : Tiki…What are you doing man?………

Mornig folk…It did not dawn on me until I got to work this morning after listening to MIKE and MIKE about the Tiki Barber comeback. This is really puzzling to me. Tiki is a great guy who had a great career as the Giants main man a few years back. He went on to become become a great broadcaster for the NFL network as well as NBA. Now, Barber wants back..even with all this CBA mess going on…What’s with Tiki?…Money issues?..Or just wantint to prove to himself that he is better than last yearleading rusher..Arian Foster. Micheal Jordan and Magic Johnson did an about face and returned to lead their teams to championships, however this is football. Contact hurts expecially when concussions have taken a toll on a majority of NFL players. Tiki can only hope for the best but I really believe that he has other issues he is dealing with that caused him to want to come back and play. Well one thing is for sure…He want be a Giant……What yall think about this…Is Tiki crazy or is he needing a check?  Tlk to me….


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2 Responses to NFL : Tiki…What are you doing man?………

  1. darrell says:

    he need to sit down before the kill himself

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