COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Double standards do exist in college football….Really….

Morning folk…I am really starting to get disgusted with the NCAA rules and how certain coaches gain favors from the NCAA by just recieving slaps on the wrist. There must be double standards in NCAA athletics. Big time coaches like Jim Tressell, Bruce Pearl , and Jim Calhoun are exonerated from harsh punishments when rules are broken. Tressell knew that his players were selling school merchandise for favors around Columbus for tattoos among other things and he only got a fine and a suspension. Come on folk…Just becuase he has a great record there and is a good coach doesn’t mean he should recieve special privileges from the compliance committee. I have seen this happen the last two weeks and its starting to bug me. If that’s the case, then rules are just rules being put on paper and certain coaches get special treatment when breaking the rules. THAT’S NOT RIGHT…I have seen KELVIN SAMPSON and TODD BOZEMAN get thrown under the bus for breaking rules while these so called Hall of Famer coaches get special favors…WHAT IS THIS?…What kind of example are you setting for the student athletes…Coaches break rules and get slapped on the wrist while athletes who accept money get banished from school?…THAT’S REDICULIOUS…..People..The NCAA is a cash cow and it has DOUBLE STANDARDS….What do yall think?…Talk to me..Please on this one…


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2 Responses to COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Double standards do exist in college football….Really….

  1. darrell says:

    Jim really should be fired!!! Contradict himself to his players. Can he still maintain their respect?

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