NBA: What’s all the CRYING for?…It was only ONE damn game……..

Hey folks, I am getting a bit perturd about the media making a mockery out of the HEAT players crying after losing to the Bulls. Come on now people, they are GROWN MEN who get paid for what they do. The Heat have atlest 20 to 30 games left to play and to act like that….I really think that Eric Spolestra was out of place when he told the media that his players were crying. That should have stayed in the locker room period. With his statement , I think that a few plyers will resent him for his remarks….To smooth things out, he later stated that it showed their desire to win….That’s not the case for me…Every team in this league has a desire to win…The lowly CAVS are not crying every night they lose a game not or the NETS who are two of the leagues weakest teams…..Again, where is PAT RILEY when you need him…Spolestra is a young coach who has talent but can’t get them above the expectations of the media as well as above themselves. Remember DOUG COLLINS with a young MIKE JORDAN…Same deal to me…..The Heat need to continue to play ball and don’t let the media put pressure on them to win….Beating Chicago should not be their goal…Winning a championship takes heart and desire and maturity…One loss will not break them or will it?…….What yuall think?….Real talk…….


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2 Responses to NBA: What’s all the CRYING for?…It was only ONE damn game……..

  1. darrell says:

    probably shouldn’t be crying about one regular season game. i think lebron crying just shows frustration, disappointment and hurt. no big deal. coach should have left it in house but inexperience got the best of him. i think coach is too inexperienced to take this team to the next level. pat could possibly give them the best chance

    • Sean Benton says:

      Yea, you are so right but that could come back to hurt Spolestra in the end…players think he sold him out by telling the media that…..Frustration should be kept in house…now coach tries to cover it up……man….

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