NFL CBA TALKS: We playing football or what?

NFL players and owners agreed on something….to extend the deadline about another week in order to get things in line for another set of meetings that start again this week. Both sides know that this week is very important to everyone associated with football period. Lots of money and other issues need to be hashed out before a compromise can be made. However, fans and playeres alike sit and wait nervously as the CBA is being discussed. I asked a few friends of mind about this issue and they believe that this issue will be resolved and that we will play NFL football this fall. What do yall think?….Are we playing we playing football this fall or what? Talk to me..real talk………


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I am a inspiring Athletic Director who enjoys sports converstion with the best. I really enjoy connecting with top athletic administrators and sports enthusiasts. LETS TALK REAL SPORTS..REAL TALK......with BEEASY...
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