NCAA: Who is going to get those MOST WANTED tourney bids?……..Lets see…..

As we begin this week filled with conference tournaments, a few teams have already earned their bids to the 68 team dance. However, the top conferences start their play Wendesday with first round games. Upsets and cindarella teams are born during this time. Will hr Big East have a record number of teams? Well , its looks like PITT, NOTRE DAME, SYRACUSE, GEORGETOWN, ST. JOHNS, VILLANOVA, UNCONN just to name a few seemed destined for the NCAA tourney based on thier RIP ratings. In the ACC, UNC and DUKE will lead a few teams into the tourney as well. The SEC will feature UK, Florida, Tennesse, and possibly Vandy just to name a few…The Big 12 will have Kansas and Texas leading their charge into the tourney. The Big 10 seems to have OHIO State AND PURDUE leading thier charge also. Out inthe West, ARIZONA will lead them again…..Conferences like CUSA and WAC will have teams like BYU leading them also. However Mid Majors as well as SWAC and Meac conferences will have to wait until their conference tourney is done to claim thier participant. At large bids will be determined from RPI ratings as well as other things that are calculated in that formula. The committee has alot of questions to answer and alot of paper work to look at. Also, a lot of basketball to watch. I know for sure that those guys in Indianopolis will be locked up in a room for a few days pondering the 68 teams who will get a chance at the pot as well as at the ring. Teams left out will have to settle for less…like the NIT or the CBI………Who do you think will make some noise in the CONFERENCE TOURNAMENTS….WILL CINDERELLA BE BORN…?…TALK TO ME….REAL TALK…


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3 Responses to NCAA: Who is going to get those MOST WANTED tourney bids?……..Lets see…..

  1. dexter a powell says:

    The team I pick to upset someone in the first round Wofford. I have watched them play a couple of times. They good guards and forwards. I’ve been watching alot conference tournaments. I think Wofford will upset someone. More than likely they will be a 12 0r 13 seed.

    • dexter a powell says:

      correction:They have good guards and forwards.

    • Sean Benton says:

      Appreciate the Love Dex, but truthfully…..Wofford is not the team that will make a splash this year….This year’s tournament will be the best yet….There are several teams capable of making a run to Houston……..Butler, BYU and San Diego State are the so called sleepers………But again anything could happen bro……stay tuned and good luck with your brackets this year…………Coach from the Barber shop……..I am skbeeasy

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