NBA: Being Bullish leaves Miami looking REDICULIOUS?…………

After making bols off season moves this past summer and even adding Mike Bibby and a veteran backup, the Miami Heat flame is starting to fade fast. With a cast of an all star team, the Heat still look bewildered in games at the end. Tons of questions are being asked by top critics as well as the Heat themsleves. Questions such as who takes the last shot and who’s team is this are burning up the Miami press. Well the Derrick Rose led Bulls have seem to found the right formula in over taking the flameless Heat with great team play to go along with great defense. Tom Thibideaux has instilled in Rose, Noah, Boozer and Deng, defense wins games and it has showed. Rose bullied his way through James and Wade for several circus shots and even made several important assists to lead the Bulls from behind. Boozer and Noah continue to clean the boards and score when needed. The bulls have gotten my attention and couls find themselves in the East Conference Finals with that type of play from Sunday. In my , are the players even listening or respecting the Heat’s coach?. Will Pat Riley need to come save the day?..Will Lebron have to hand over the game winning shots to Wade? Things in Miami are looking kind of gloomy and that team is too talented to be swept by Chicago. Talk to me folks….What is the real deal….


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2 Responses to NBA: Being Bullish leaves Miami looking REDICULIOUS?…………

  1. darrell says:

    sometimes it comes down to a game of matchups. heat don’t match up well with bulls. can’t stop penetration and can’t rebound with them

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