NCAA: Paying the middle man……..What yall think?…..

Morning folk…Its ranting time and its Friday. After sipping on some hot java this morning, I read an article on CBS sportsline stating that the University of Oregon had been paying recruiting service for years a huge sum of many to help them get quality athletes in their programs. Now we must understand that the Ducks are sponsored by NIKE and they get tons of dollars for wearing that appearal. Money should not be a problem with other major universites as well becuase others use recruiting services also. My question is …Is it an NCAA infraction to pay a third party company to recruit future players?…..Based on the DUCKS …it is OK with the NCAA….Well I guess they did their homework and they are in compliance. We all know that many major and mid major university universities use them as well. However, just recently , Mark Emmert started that NCAA schools will not pay student athletes….but its okay for the schools to pay for a recruiting service…now who is getting pimped here?….Many third party recruiting companies are making a ton of money from NCAA schools for bringing in talent but the talent itself is getting nothing…..I under stand rules are rules but if that’s the case, more and more recruiting services will pop up and demand top dollar for bring in top talent. It also seems to me that recruiting coordinators and assistant coaches may lose thier jobs to recruiting services in the future…..How do yall feel about this?…..third party comapany makes money off NCAA schools….Talk to me….Real talk….


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