NBA: What’s wrong with the Miami ICE…….Anybody have any answers?…..PLEASE…

Morning folks. Its Friday and its ranting time again. Well, after watching MIAMI HEAT turn to ICE…I wonder if Pat Riley is not having second thoughts about returning to the bench. This is the third game in many days we saw the HEAT blow big leads and lose the game. Last night against the Magic was no different. Leading by as many as 22 points the Magic scored a whopping 40 to 50 points in the third quarter alone. And in the fourth, it became a three point barrage lead by Jason Richardson. Now, folks, tell me. What happen to the HEAT’S defense. James, Wade, and Bosh looked confused and seemed to have no answers to what is going on in the club house. Addiction and subtractions to the Heat seems to not help them at all. Is it the coaching?, Is it the players themselves not having a definite roll on the floor. I really don’t know but if things are not fixed heading into the playoffs, Miami could be the laughing stock of the league for many years with the talent they have. Pat Riley needs to come on down and get involved more in the teams preperation. He is responsible for making this team what it is today. The Heat is better than what we are seeing and what we saw last night is a total melt down and debacle. One thing is for sure, teams in the East have made changes and are willing to step up to the plate against the Heat. The Knicks, Magic, and Celtics have proved that the Heat can turn to ICE. What is the deal in South Beach? Really…….Talk to me….Real talk…..


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2 Responses to NBA: What’s wrong with the Miami ICE…….Anybody have any answers?…..PLEASE…

  1. darrell says:

    If they get beat pretty badly tonight and sunday, then Pat may come down. But last night game had nothing to do with coaching. Lebron and Wade can not allow a 24pt lead in the 3rd slip away. The coaches could have walked to the locker room and they still should have won!!!!

    • Sean Benton says:

      I disagree…..Players are not listening to that young guy…just a figure head…..PAT RILEY put that team together…he needs to coach it…….THEY will listen to HIM…….or else…..

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