Being number one offers beat downs..

Being on top of the charts in college basketball isn’t fun these days. Just ask DUKE, OHIO STATE, and KANSAS. All three teams suffered beat downs as the number one ranked college team in America. Confucous say that teams always rise to the occasion when playing number one ranked teams. Last night offered the same result. K-STATE, with all its drama, put a whipping on KANSAS like it stole something. College basketball gurus have said it before that certain teams will dominate their conferences and make it to the big dance. However, we all know that dreams do happen . Ask , GEORGE MASON and BUTLER that question. The best basketball conference as of today has to be the BIG EAST hands down. PITT, UNCONN, GEORGETOWN, NOTRE DAME, VILLANOVE, SYRACUSE and even ST. JOHNS are capable of running the tables in the conference tournament as well as the NCAA tournament. Who is up next at the number one spot?…TEXAS is on deck with Oklahouma STATE visiting Austin on Wedesday night. Will the LONGHORNS step up or take another BEATDOWN?  WE WILL SEE. ..College basketball is exciting as you can see. Anything could happen as we get closer to MARCH MADNESS. WHO REALLY DESERVES THE NUMBER ONE RANKING IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL…..TALK TO ME…REAL TALK…


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One Response to Being number one offers beat downs..

  1. darrell says:

    Its a toss up. I believe the top 4 teams are Duke(great big game experienced guard play), Ohio State(one dominant post presence with solid guard play), Kansas(not great guard or big men but really solid), and UT(with solid post, wing scoring, team chemistry and great defense).

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