To stay in the game, HBCU’S top dogs need to be business savy……

With the economy spiking of late, many universities and colleges have turned to other means of financial stability. May top programs have recieved huge donations and endowments from top alumni boosters to upgrade facilities and improve recruiting. However, HBCU’S have gotten left behind due to the fact that most schools have gotten the short end of the stick when dealing with budget restraints and facilities. My solution would be to make your top athletic administators business savy in order to go out and solitcide funds from huge corporations that are willing to back HBCU’S with a good business plan . Huge companies are also looking for a profitable tax write off.. tThe problem with HBCU’s is that they have not changed their ideas of athletic management. Many former head coaches move into the AD’S office with little expereience of gaining funds or budget management. That eventually leads to program failure. The SWAC and MEAC are the two largest HBCU conferences that plays in the FBS division. Many schools such as MISS. VALLEY, ALCORN, and even SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY have had to deal with cut backs that have hammered those programs. Todays AD’S HAVE BECOME MORE BUSINESS ORIENTED IN KNOWING HOW TO GAIN FUNDS FROM TOP DONORS AS WELL AS TOP CORPORATIONS. AS WE MOVE INTO A NEW TECHNOLOGICAL TIME, THOSE HBCU AD’S MUST LEARN HOW TO PUT A BUSINESS PLAN INTO ACTION AND GET NEEDED FUNDS THAT WOULD HELP OUT THEIR SCHOOLS. INCONCLUDING, IT SEEMS THAT GOING BACK TO SCHOOL FOR IMPROVING ONES OWN SELF WOULD IN THE LONG RUN HELP OUT A TON OF OTHERS AS WELL AS THE FUTURE OF HBCU’S PROGRAMS…..ARE THERE ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS……LETS TALK…REAL TALK….


About skbeeasy

I am a inspiring Athletic Director who enjoys sports converstion with the best. I really enjoy connecting with top athletic administrators and sports enthusiasts. LETS TALK REAL SPORTS..REAL TALK......with BEEASY...
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