Hoyas of old?……

Last night , I witnessed a great college basketball in seeing the Georgetown Hoyas come from behind and defeat the Syracuse Orangemen is old style fashion. That series alone has some lasting memories such as PAT EWING, RONY SIKALY, PEARL WASHINGTON, MARK JACKSON, DERRICK COLEMAN, REGGIE WILLIAMS, ALONZO MORNING, AND HOWARD TRICHE just to name a few. Big papa JOHN THOMPSON would have been proud to see LIL JOHN do his thing and lead the Hoyas to victory. The Hoyas have climbed right back into the mix of the BIG EAST and has in my opinion claimed a spot in the NCAA touney. Do you think that these HOYAS can duplicate a 1984 run to Houston……..TALK TO ME….REAL TALK…


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  1. No doubt they can make that run, it’s wide open in the NCAA and the Hoyas are a great team. Coach Thompson has gotten them prepared early on in our nonconference games. I think when we went into conference play a couple of our star players were exhausted, but you better believe our coach would never say this. He would probably say we were off/didn’t shoot well, all the above. If we would of made excuses then folks would’ve used that against us. Anyways, check my blog out. I started my blog last season in October up until now. Check what I observed and wrote from the Kenner Summer League played at Georgetown. It gave me a lot of insight and preview of what was to come. It’s like I already knew what was/is going to happen this season.

    Here’s a link from my recap from last night. This blog is dedicated to my son Chavis, whom I lost to (osteosarcoma) bone cancer in 2004, it’s also dedicated to Hoyanation and friends check it out…


    • Sean Benton says:

      Hey bro,

      thanks for dropping in. I really appreciate your comments. I have responded to your blog as well. Pass the word about realsportsrealtalk.wordpress.com….Its going to be good convo…..tell all the other BLOGGERS ALSO……..THANKS..

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