Good morning folks…..Another day at the SWAC Touranment has gone and so have six teams. We are done to the fianl four on both the womens and mens side. On the Women’s side, the LADY JAGUARS of Southern still holds the top seed however a semi final match with the Lady Panthers of PVAMU looms. The Lady Tigers of Texas Southern takes on the Jackson State Lady Tigers in the other semi final. On the men’s side, PVAMU continues to wear the cinderella slipper as they look to upset AAMU on the top side of the bracket however, Texas Southern has their eyes on the prize as the take on the Alabama State Hornets in the other semi fianl game. This touranment has had it’s ups and downs, however it can still be one of the best in a long time. The Houston Rockets and the Toyota Center has been grateful to the SWAC nad it’s schools. The City of Houston has done it’s share also. Well, who will it be to play on Championship Saturday…Only GOD know……stay tuned…….realsportsrealtalk……

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Good morning folk, I hope that your day is as blessed as ever. Well as I said before , anything can happen in a conference tournament including the SWAC Tournament. It did last night as PVAMU upset the top seed Southern University 64-46 to advance to Friday’s semi final against the winner of today’s UAPB/AAMU winner. The Jaguars , who were ruled out of the NCAA Tournament shot poorly as PVAMU raced out to an early double digit lead and never looked back. Southern was out of rythm the entire game. The Jags were in early foul trouble and things went down hill from there. Earlier the Lady Jags shook off a sloppy start to derail an upset as they were victorious of the Lady Bulldogsd of AAMU 80-64. The Lady Jags advance to Friday’s semis against the winner of the PVAMU/ALA.STATE game. Texas Southern’s men’s and women’s team went to work earlier as they wiped Grambling State by double digits to keep it’s NCAA hopes alive. Today’s action resumes as women’s teams from JSU and MVSU square off followed by the men’s teams from Alabama State taking on Alcorn. In session 2, the PVAMU women’s team take on the Lady Hornets of Alabama State followed by UAPB men’ s taking on AAMU in the night cap. Like I said before, anything could happen in the SWAC Tournament…….realsportsrealtalk!!

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Good Morning my good people. Well let’s get to it. As the SWAC Tournament opened here in downtown Houston, the people from northern Louisisana had other plans as both men’s and women teams from Grambling State advance to the qaurterfinal round with wins over UAPB and Jackson State respectively. The Lady Tigers needed OT to stave off the Lady Lions in the first contest to advance to play the second seeded TSU Lady Tigers. However, the Tigers from Jackson State left their big man home as 6″10 Brandon West missed the team bus and the Tigers missed him. Grambling took advantage of the mishap and sqeezed by JSU to advance to take on the second seeded TSU Tigers. In the second session, AAMU Lady Bulldogs pulled off an upset to defeat the Lady Braves of Alcorn State. AAMU advances to take on top seeded Southern. PVAMU didn’t waste any time in man handling MVSU to advance to take on top seeded Southern University. MVSU’s coach Chico Potts was relieved of his duties a few days ago and sort of left the Devils in a tail spin. The Panthers are trying to pick up steam and pull off a huge win when they take on the same team that humilated them during the regular season and are the conference’s regular season champs. Now the fun begins….Top seeded Southern and second seeded Texas Southern hit the floor today which would be fun as both schools can positioned themselves with a win today closer the the most anticipated game in the tournament. However, both PVAMU and GSU stands in the way. As ICE CUBE would say, ” Today is a good day “……………realsportsrealtalk!

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Good morning….It’s that time again and I can feel it in the air. I am doing my homework on the entire NCAA Tourney this year as we all begin putting our Brackets together. But first, its conference tourney time. Who wants to go dancin’ inb the NCAA. Well here in Houston, the Commissioner of the SWAC has done a grande ole job of putting a highly advertised event together which would include all ten schools as well as many other events like career job fairs, college fairs, concerts among other things to make it a success at the NBA’S Houston Rocket’s Toyota Center. Well, Soutern University has claimed the top seeds for both men and women in the tournament. However, the Jaguars will remain home despite beinbg picked to win the touranment due to inefficient paperwork via the NCAA. Texas Southern on the other hand seems like the team to get that ticket punced as both their men and women teams are second seeded in the tournament. With Alabama State and UAPB looking more like darhorses, anything could happen here in Houston. The bracket is nicely put together for both men and women with schedule time appropriate for all during this week of judgement day. Events make this SWAC tournament totally different from the ones in the past. Old school and New School events for everyone is planned. It’s not about just basketball, it’s about everyone getting together and having a good time. As TO would say, “Get your popcorn ready”…………REALSPORTSREALTALK!!

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Good Morning, God is good….Okay, Let’s get to it. College basketball is approaching the 3rd quarter…Many teams are positioning themselves for tournament play. In the SWAC, Southern has done it’s homework and raced out to a 2 game lead over Alabama State and a 4 game lead over the other schools. The Jags sport a 9-1 conference record heading for a home date with the UAPB LIONS  and a rematch with the MVSU Delta Devils, a team that beat them earlier this season. Coach Roman Banks has done a wonderful job of getting the Jaguars back into the eyes of many faithful Jaguars fans. Tradition is what he intended to rebuild upon taking the job at Southern. With road games in Alabama next weekend, the Jags could be caught in two trap games. However, winning the regular season title only ganrantees a NIT spot. The NCAA tournament will have to be earned through Houston. Alabama State seems like a team that could give the Jags trouble. Coach Lewis Jackson’s Hornets have been playing great ball of late. AAMU has came on late with 2 big road wins. The Bulldogs play host to the Jags next Saturday night in Huntsville. PVAMU has struggled but regain some momentum with a big win over Texas Southern. The Tigers meanwhile has been tailspin for the last 4 games. They need a win badly and that could come when the struggling Jackson State Tigers and Grambling State visit Houston. Alcorn State gave GSU their first signature win in over 2 seasons with a 95-80 loss in Grambling the Tigers played well to break the 45 game lossing streak. MVSU has cooled down as of late with 2 key losses at home to the Alabama schools. The Delta Devils need a win but with a return trip to Baton Rouge to face the Southern Jags, it want be nice. Teams are starting to jockey for position heading into next month’s conference tournament. Southern has the early lead but in the SWAC anything could happen……..realsportsrealtalk…….

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Good morning , God is good. Many people believe in Super heroes. Well I didn’t until I found out that there is a family in Houston that produces SUPER HERO kind of kids from a SUPER HERO father and mother. As we watched the Seattle Seahawks run the table to win Super Bowl 48 , DE Micheal Bennett showed flashes of his Super Powers as he crashed several teams offenses with his brute strength. His younger brother by only 16 mouths , TE Martellus Bennett has SUPER POWERS as well. After a nonchalant 4 seasons in Dallas, Martellus put his cape on and became the NYGiants 3RD leading reciever with over 50 catches and nearly 700 yards in receving plus 6TD’S . Martellus also did what most Super Heros do and that’s save someone’s life. While resting on the sideline , a drunken fan fell over the protected balcony and that’s when Bennett went onto action. Bennett put his gloves back onb and rush over to make a surprising off the field catch that netted a life saved. Both Micheal and Martellus hidden powers have caught the attention of many NFL coaches and excutives as well as other players. But let’s not forget that , before becoming NFL Super heroes, the Bennett brothers came from humble beginnings. I sat down with Micheal Bennett Sr. to discuss the start of something special.

Micheal Bennett Sr , a native of Amite , Louisisana was an athlete himself. A star on the football field as well as on the basketball court attended University of Southwestern Louisiana ( University of Louisisana ) and played football and basketball. Bennett was very athletic in all that he did. Two years with the Cajuns was good enough for him. With the responsibilites of a son being born, Bennett went to the U.S Armed Services and later became a successful engineer. The reason for the abrupt leave of school was for financial reasons. Having traveled and relocated all of the country, Bennett and his young family settled into Alief, Texas . Here, the lessons would begin for young Micheal and Martellus. Morals and Values were developed at a young age for the Bennett Brothers. Having high expectations were the norms in the Bennett household. As a soldier, Micheal Sr. instilled discpline and hard work into both of his boys. Academics came first and sports was second. Micheal Sr. was still active in playing sports and that’s where the education began for his boys. With Micheal and Martellus tagging alone, they learned about mental toughness on the court and on the field. Playing against competition that was older than their age was the norm. Being able to out play adults at a neighboring park or gym became a surprise by all. However, it tought the boys that toughness and respect isn’t given, it’s taken. As the boys got older, they began developing into better athletes escpecially Martellus. Martellus began to grow and by time he was in middle school, he was holding his own against grown men. Micheal on the other hand was becoming stronger and football became his pet peave. When Alief Taylor High School opened in 2001, Micheal Sr had already set his sights on the Bennett brothers graduating in the first class plus becoming the first D 1 prospects in the school’s young history. When the Bennett brothers arrived, the arrived with a bang. Both boys were monsters on the field, the court and in the classroom. Martellus hit the map in his sophmore season as he reached 6’7 in height and become a force on the basketball court. However, heading into his junior season , Texas high school football have 7 on 7 tournaments. With Micheal Sr. at the helm, Martellus became a star WR/TE. He was long enough and fast enough to cause major havock to opposing defenses. After having a great summer, Martellus stock soared in football. In basketball AAU coaches called and he began having success there as well. Micheal on the other hand became a top recruit. During Micheal’s senior season, the Lions reached the playoffs and made some noise. It did wonders for Martellus as well. With both boys being highly recruited, Micheal Sr. kept his boys humble but greatful. Micheal was recruited nheavily and ended up signing with Louisisana Tech , however, things didn’t pan out like the Bennett’s expected. A grade snafu caught them off gaurd and that put Micheal back into the recruiter’s eye again. With the help of his academic people at his high school, Micheal was able to return back to the field again, but this time, as a Texas A&M Aggie. Martellus on the other hand was having great success on the field as well as on the court. Heading into his Senior year, Martellus was ranked the number one prospect in Texas at TE as well as at Forward on the basketball team. Upon graduating, Martellus and Micheal Sr. had to make some decisions. Martellus wanted to give the NBA a try and with his father’s blessing , he put his name into the early entry list. Martellus visited and worked out for several teams and based on his performance , NBA’S scouts projected him as a late 2nd round pick. After pounding the idea, his mother decided that he should give college a try. Well he did. Being heavily recruited for football, Martellus wanted to play basketball also and that would be the deciding factor. Texas A&M  would come calling and with his older sibling already on board, Martellus signed with the Aggies. Both the Bennett brothers had sub par seasons their Freshmen year. However, heading into their Sophomore season, both had break out seasons. Micheal became a main stay on the defensive line as he put up big numbers and cause havock in opposing teams backfields. Martellus on the other hand had more catches then TD’S. Dennis Franchione’s offense wasn’t centerd around the TE , so Martellus’s numbers were down. In basketball, Bennett played major minutes but the style of Billy Gillispie ddn’t suit Martellus athletic ability as he was use to going up and down and not stuck in a half court offense that Gillispsie ran. Heading into their Junior year, Micheal put up nice numbers. However, Martellus’s career blossomed a bit more as he was able to find the endzone more and more catches. This caught the eye of many NFL excutives. With Martellus having a sub par basketball season, he focused more on football. Improving his blocking and getting stronger were his pet peave. With his family’s blessing, Martellus applied to the NFL. With improving his stock, Martellus worked and worked to improve his skills at becoming a great TE. He attended the NFL combine and was tested as a top 5 TE. With that being said, the Dallas Cowboys took Martellus in the second round of the 2008 draft. With him learning behid All Pro Jason Whitten, the school of hard knocks began. Micheal on the other hand remained in school anbd had a great Senior season. Micheal later signed a Free Agent contract with the Tampa Bay Bucs anbd there he made a name for himself. Micheal had an almost All Pro Season ,however, the Bucs were reluctant to give him his large payday. With the Dolphins calling, a 3 year 15 million dollar pay day was on the table but with Micheal Sr.’s advice Micheal Jr. signed a one year deal at 5 Million with the playoff contender Seattle Seahawks. Martellus on the other hand had signed a 4 year deal with Dallas , however playing behind Whitten was sort of tough on him. Martellus had the skills and the ability to becomne a strater elsewhere. When his contract ended in Dallas, NFC East foe, the NYGiants came a calling. Martellus signed a one year deal and that deal gave him the opportunity to shine and he did. As the starting TE, Martellus was able to put mup big numbers …59 catches for over 700 yards plus 6 TD’S. He had become a huge target of Eli Manning. However, the Giants were reluctant on giving him his fair share so the Chicago Bears came calling with a 4 year 25 million dollar deal. Martellus being the man that he was signed and made the Bears playoff contenders. With Brandon Marshall and afton Jeffries, Martellus would have the middle of the field to himself. Well , as the season ended, Martellus numbers were great, 60 plus catches for over 700 yards plus 7TD’S. Coach Trestman loved Martellus’s work ethic plus his knowledge of the game. He always wanted to learn more. Micheal on the other hand has had an ALL Pro season has he lead the Seahawk defense to a Super Bowl victory. Micheal ‘s play will reward him a nice dfeal somewhere. Meanwhile, Micheal Bennett Sr relishes his son’s success and uses it as a teaching tool as he helps other’s who have kids who want the same success. However, he says it’s wasn’t easy. Hardwork and discipline were the two main ingradients he used for his own sons. Micheal Sr is now giving back to community as he was just elected to the Alief School Board. With that being said, Micheal Bennett goal is to help change the lives of many kids who want success. Take it from a man who produced two Super Heros. Becoming a A SUCCESS doesnt require you to be a Super Hero. It requires you to be human.


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